100 Days: Hannity Asks ‘What is Trump’s Biggest Accomplishment?’ Twitter Hands Him His Ass

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Sean Hannity is having a bad year. Fox News is falling apart with the loss of its CEO Roger Ailes, and its biggest star Bill O’Reilly. Now Ailes’ replacement, and close Hannity ally, Bill Shine is also facing a possible ouster. So Hannity is taking to Twitter for solace with a question aimed at sucking up to his friend in the White House, Donald Trump. What could possibly go wrong?

Question of the Day: What do you think is President Trump’s biggest accomplishment from his first 100 days? #Hannity

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) April 29, 2017


The answers Hannity got were probably not what he expected. There were very few replies that could be taken seriously. Many responses exhibited the brain dead detachment of Trump’s cult followers by saying merely “Everything,” or “Beating Hillary.” A fair number thought the seating of Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court represented a Trump achievement. But that’s only true if you regard submitting a name to the Senate that couldn’t get confirmation without changing the rules (the Nuclear Option) an achievement.

Far more interesting, and entertaining, were the responses from Twitter’s reality-based community. They recognized that the question itself was absurd and treated it with the disrespect it deserved. Even so, they were more accurate and substantive than Hannity’s army of Trump fluffers. So if you’re looking for examples of Trump’s biggest achievements in his first 100 days, read on:

@seanhannity Playing golf 20 times. Quite an accomplishment.

— Simon Hedlin (@simonhedlin) April 29, 2017


@seanhannity 485 tweets

— Yuriy (@YGalanter) April 29, 2017


@seanhannity Being the dumbest asshole to ever enter the Oval Office.

— BenDavid Grabinski (@bdgrabinski) April 29, 2017


@seanhannity repealing Obama care and Getting the wall funded, wait…

— Ms. Hart (@hartsigns) April 29, 2017


@seanhannity His handicap is lower? He found the “armada”? He's successfully kept the pee tape at bay? We're not at war with Canada and Australia yet?

— Shane (@hshanehammond) April 29, 2017


@seanhannity Upgrading from diapers to pull ups.

— Jeremiah (@JJCropek1) April 29, 2017


@seanhannity not getting impeached

— Jimmy Cramer (@jimmycramer2017) April 29, 2017


@seanhannity Hoodwinking 39% of Americans.

— Barbara Schaefer (@babswafer) April 29, 2017


@seanhannity Sticking up for serial sexual harasser and wife beater Bill O'Reilly.

— Skolney? (@Rogerskolney) April 29, 2017


@seanhannity Adding to the swamp! Waters are even muddier!

— Angel (@miamiphoenix70) April 29, 2017


@seanhannity Costing the American people more money than any president with his weekly escape to Fl. And his wife living in NYC. Yay!

— Madness1957 (@Madness1957) April 29, 2017


@seanhannity That he's outspent in 100 days 44's annual protection & travel budget.

— William Coffey (@coffey_ho) April 29, 2017


@seanhannity He proved to the world in such a short time that he is a con man.

— DumboDonaldTrump (@dumbo_donald) April 29, 2017


@seanhannity Not destroying the country

— Nicolò Machiavelli (@spumaldo) April 29, 2017


@seanhannity Transferring wealth from the US Treasury to his pocket by visiting Trump owned establishments so often?

— Hit The Road Jack (@JackAnderson75) April 29, 2017


@seanhannity Managing to not choke to death on his own tongue while eating.

— Ghoul (@GhoulOfficial) April 29, 2017


@seanhannity Merging the White House & #FoxNews into a lie-riddled political propaganda machine. pic.twitter.com/lsN22wvze1

— News Corpse (@NewsCorpse) April 29, 2017


Trump has embarked on a “100 Days” ego-stroking tour that includes a campaign style rally in Pennsylvania and at least two appearances on Fox News. He’s spewing the utterly deranged notion that his first 100 days has been more productive and successful than any other president in history. The disastrous reality, however, is that he has not achieved a single one of his promised goals. What’s more, his administration riddled with allegations of corruption and complicity with Russian election tampering. Given the circumstances, it was awfully foolish of Hannity to even ask his question.

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